Diggers Issue 2 now available to Order. Only 100 Copies

We are proud to announce Diggers issue 2 is now available to order. Limited to only 100 copies printed you can now order from our store. Shipping date Nov 10/11.

The magazine created by Pritt Kalsi delves inside his world and bubble giving people an inside view into his journey. A visual fly-on-the-wall perspective a behind-the-scenes diary captured by himself and by some of the very talented artists and photographers who support his vision.

Modelled upon gallery photo books compared to the normal presentations produced by art houses you get a few extra pages here.

Pay attention to the QR codes that in this issue take you to over 5 hours of footage from Pritts Archive. As well as leading to web sides and content created by some of the featured artists and photographers.

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Relaunch with new Black Tee.

Its been a difficult 14 months. I decided to build a work space and studio to contain everything in one space. Along side my good Friend it has taken 14 months to build this place our selves. In that time the printers I used to print my garments closed down after setting up business back in 1985.

To solve the issue I have been trained and now how the equipment to print my self. So as of today I am fully independent. I should now be able to reduce the waiting times and get product to the customers faster.

To mark the day we are launching a new Black T Shirt available to order today.

Minima supporting our project

We would like to thank the Team at Minima based in the Hockley area of Birmingham City for supporting me as a Birmingham City Independent Artist, by stocking our latest works.

Minima is a very contemporary home furniture and lighting store selling some very stylish and unique pieces. I first went there after Mr Wynters invited me there for a pop-up store he was having at the location.

The Owner and Staff were very friendly and interested in some of the things I was involved in. I felt our book and Shaw Theatre Project would be a suitable product to fit into their line of products.

I can see some pop up events and Collaborations happing in the future. If you are in the City and would like to get a copy of the Lp or Book. Pop into Minima you won’t be disappointed.

For those of you that are unaware, the King of the Beats label has released a rare Hip-Hop jam from 1985 on vinyl. What’s special about ut is that it was the first time major Hip-Hop acts from the Bronx, New York shared a stage with some of the best Hip-Hop performers from the UK’s fledgling scene.

As more than a few people have pointed out recently, in my 35+ years doing what i do, I’ve pioneered a few things. Things which were considered ‘game-changers’. Such as;

1) I was the first writer to have a tag that was exclusively calligraphic.

2) I came up with the term ‘Calligraffiti’ in 1983.

3) I was the first writer on this side of the Atlantic to have an aerosol piece on billboards all over the country.

4) In 1994, I wrote, produced, & directed a feature-length documentary on Aerosol Culture called ‘Get The Message’. As far as i know, at that point, no writer had done that (Still I’ll not forget the work of writers like Kilo with his ‘Visual Graffix’ vids that were crucial in documenting the train scene).

5) As far as I know, I’m the first writer to literally spray-paint record covers for an album release. Not have paintings turned into printed covers like what Futura 2000 did for the Celluloid label in the 80’s but literally paint the covers so that each buyer has a piece of my art for themselves.

Swipe through the pics to Check it out.

Huge Thanks to Pritt & Marzena K – @magentadk who took the awesome pics! & Of course the guys at AM Screen Printing in Redditch for use of their space!

I couldn’t have done it without you all!


Diggers Launches today

Here is our first official trailer add for the Diggers Brand. The stylish British Brand that is for music lovers. The Diggers Badge is the official badge of honor when it comes to people have a passion for searching out great tunes. 

What ever the genre of Music this is garment that displays a passion for exploring the wide world of music. 

Hockley Social – Supporting Diggers

Working towards building a stage for the Diggers Brand. The team behind Birmingham’s Hockley Social have offered to help build a platform to help me kickstart the brand.

I spent my life digging through record stores and charity shops looking for the perfect beat. Recently two of the founders behind the Digbeth Dinning Club have launched their new venture, The Hockley Social Club located on Hampton Street.

Birmingham City has a long rich history when it comes to music. It was home to many great record stores and club venues, bands, groups and artists. Hockley Social have set an agenda selecting some of the cities most interesting and dedicated music collectors and DJ’s. Providing a soundtrack to your dining experience whilst selecting and digging through their personal collections.

I had been selected to play on what is their Hip Hop Thursdays. As a DJ and collector I see Hip Hop as being the bastard child of all the music that came before it. I stay true to origins of its culture, from when it was based selecting great breaks and grooves from a time before and fusing that with some technical skills on the turntables. If you think or expect an evening of rap records then sorry, you will get nothing but a musical journey presented in the tradition of some of the great DJs that came before me, from Jazzy Jay, Theodore, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Pogo, Cutmaster Swift, DJ Fingers, DJ Devastate, Mr Thing, Damian and DJ Spara.

behind the scenes, how you build a brand by yourself.

EDYTA – Ennio Morricone is who I dig for.

Photo Pritt Kalsi

Edyta worked together with the founder of Diggers for many years. She is into classical art and music and both her and Pritt found that they had in common for Ennio Morricone.

There was a point Pritt would be digging for east European Jazz Edyta would pass on her recommendations.

‘I really like the logo and concept behind the brand. I really like my hoodie, it’s very comfortable, and it’s pretty cool like me’

Ivana, supporting the Diggers Brand.

Introducing the new grey Diggers T-shirt. Ivana from Croatia.

I appreciate good music, Listening to a wide range from Rock, Jazz, some hip hop. Recently I have been listening to a lot of Lo-fi music, it helps me concentrate whilst working. I came across the brand and love the concept of digging. I did for music, I actually do that.

Behind the Scenes – Local Produce

Here i am working on the prototypes samples. I have joined forces with a local printer to build my brand. This product is 100% put together in Britain.

Expect from our brand, some short films and stories from behind the scenes and those that support the brand.

If you are Digger join us and tell your story.

Custom Bespoke LUV NYC Hoodie

Over the years whilst in NYC I got to know a lot know a lot artists on my journey. One of those was Ray West who is behind the Red Apples 45 Record Label.

One of his artists Dave Dar contacted me and commissioned me to create a bespoke piece for Ray as a surprise gift.

Below is a animation that I got to create for one of the releases for Red Apples