Hockley Social – Supporting Diggers

Working towards building a stage for the Diggers Brand. The team behind Birmingham’s Hockley Social have offered to help build a platform to help me kickstart the brand.

I spent my life digging through record stores and charity shops looking for the perfect beat. Recently two of the founders behind the Digbeth Dinning Club have launched their new venture, The Hockley Social Club located on Hampton Street.

Birmingham City has a long rich history when it comes to music. It was home to many great record stores and club venues, bands, groups and artists. Hockley Social have set an agenda selecting some of the cities most interesting and dedicated music collectors and DJ’s. Providing a soundtrack to your dining experience whilst selecting and digging through their personal collections.

I had been selected to play on what is their Hip Hop Thursdays. As a DJ and collector I see Hip Hop as being the bastard child of all the music that came before it. I stay true to origins of its culture, from when it was based selecting great breaks and grooves from a time before and fusing that with some technical skills on the turntables. If you think or expect an evening of rap records then sorry, you will get nothing but a musical journey presented in the tradition of some of the great DJs that came before me, from Jazzy Jay, Theodore, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Pogo, Cutmaster Swift, DJ Fingers, DJ Devastate, Mr Thing, Damian and DJ Spara.

behind the scenes, how you build a brand by yourself.

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