Baha Crew Join the Diggers Brand

Frankie and Becky are the brains behind the Brand BaHa, Birmingham’s premier Vegan spot. Located in the Custard Factory.

I got to meet them very early in their career whilst hanging out at the Bar Bourne and Co. They have worked hard at their brand and throughout supported the Diggers Brand. Becky is sporting a custom hoodie with Yellow Embroidery and Frankie commissioned a custom embroided hoodie to match her hair color. These are the premium product offered by Diggers. We will hand make a bespoke garment for you.

Each Bespoke item is different. Which can be compared to Digging culture. Looking for that rare record or something unique.

“We love listening to music, When we were working at Bourne and Co, Dj Damian he exposed us to some incredible music”.

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